Advanced training

Free (hybrid) information events at the Philipp Pfaff Institute


Wed 11.09.2024 from 19.30 hrs


Fri 13.09.2024 from 19.30 hrs

FZP Seminar

Fri 13.09.2024 from 19.30 hrs

FZP advanced seminar

Fri 11.04.2025 from 7.30 pm

ZMF seminar

Wed 09.04.2025 from 19.30 hrs


Fri 11.10.2024 from 19:30

Aufstiegsfortbildungen am Pfaff-Institut

After completing their training as a dental nurse, graduates have a wide range of interesting opportunities for advancement and development. Which direction you choose depends primarily on your own strengths and interests, but can also be based on your practice needs. At the Philipp Pfaff Institute in Berlin, for example, dental hygienists have the opportunity to take one of the renowned advanced training courses to become a Dental Administrative Assistant (ZMV), Dental prophylaxis assistant (ZMP), Dental Hygienist (DH) or Specialist for dental practice management (FZP) to complete the course. As a rule, ZFAs decide whether they would like to deepen their knowledge in the area of practice management or continue their education to become a prophylaxis assistant or dental hygienist. For colleagues who are active as all-rounders in the practice and like to apply their skills and knowledge both in administration and in direct treatment in the field of prevention & prophylaxis, the additional qualification as a dental assistant (ZMF) can be acquired.

Free information events on advanced training courses
You will receive detailed information on the contents and framework conditions of the training courses and can get to know the training rooms. The information evenings take place from 07:00 or 07:30 p.m. So that we can prepare the event in the best possible way, we kindly ask you to register for the information evening using the registration form. When registering, please select whether you would like to participate online or in person.

Example calculation for the course fee with funding via the Upgrading BAföG

The course and examination fees for the ZMV seminar amount to € 3,995. Ideally, a non-repayable grant of up to approx. 75 percent is possible via the new Upgrading BAföG! In this case, this corresponds to a total of € 2,996.75.

This results in a personal contribution of own contribution of € 998.75 (see example calculation opposite).

Source: BMBF (as of September 2022)

Sample calculation

3.995,00 €

– 1.997,50 €

(50 % subsidy share)

= 1.997,50 €

– 998,75 €

(50 % loan forgiveness if the examination is successful)

= 998,75 €



(Own contribution with funding in the best case)


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