Advanced training as dental assistant (ZMF)

After many years of working as a dental hygienist, more and more dental prophylaxis assistants are taking advantage of the opportunity to integrate the administrative area into their everyday professional life with the ZMV advanced training.

Dental hygienists already working in the field of administration miss the direct contact with the patient in the context of a treatment situation. Since the interested parties want to take the independent activity experienced in the administration into the new field, the area of responsibility of the dental hygienist is particularly suitable. For dental hygienists and dental hygienists, this new orientation means the challenge they are looking for to keep their professional activity attractive over a long period of time. For the dental practice, this decision means being able to deploy trained staff in a versatile way in the practice – in order to also circumvent short-term staff shortages.

The prospect of further professional qualification certainly also promotes practice retention and thus continuity in the composition of the team. We want to support this possibility at the Philipp Pfaff Institute and offer those interested another opportunity for further training.

For further information, please refer to our catalog starting on page 69.

As part of the modular training program, the complete and successful completion of the respective modules within a period of 3 years is generally required.

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ZMF advanced training for ZFA/ZAH

Depending on the order in which you wish to complete the modules at the Philipp Pfaff Institute, the course times will be coordinated with you.

Course AFB-ZMF 2401
Course times Individual depending on module
Course fee 8.990,- € * (including all scripts), application processing fee 45,- €.

* Examination fee: When registering for the examination, fees are charged in accordance with the applicable scale of fees of the relevant dental association.

Admission requirements

  1. Completed vocational training as a dental technician/ dental hygienist
  2. Proof of knowledge according to the X-ray Ordinance in the currently valid version
  3. Proof of participation in a first aid training (EH course) (9 h, not older than two years at the time of the final examination) You need a first aid course? Look here: First aid course
  4. Successfully completed aptitude interview or aptitude test

Application documents

  1. Certified photocopy of the ZFA/ZAH examination certificate
  2. Curriculum vitae in tabular form with passport photograph
  3. Proof of knowledge according to the X-ray Ordinance in the currently valid version
  4. Proof of participation in a first aid training (EH course) (9 h, not older than one year)
  5. Proof of an occupational health examination (G42) (not older than two years)

Upgrading BAföG

The upgrading training courses at the Philipp Pfaff Institute can be funded via the Upgrading Training Assistance Act (Aufstiegs-BAföG).

The funding of upgrading training courses under the Upgrading Training Assistance Act (AFBG), the so-called “Aufstiegs-BAföG”, has recently required the provider of the measure to apply a quality assurance system.

This criterion is fully met with the ISO certification of the Philipp Pfaff Institute, so that all eligible course participants have the opportunity to apply for Aufstiegs-BAföG for upgrading training at the Philipp Pfaff Institute.

You can find more information on the Aufstiegs-BAföG at


030 414 725-18





If you are already a ZMV

If you are already a ZMP