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Area of further education

You will receive the course information usually about 2-3 weeks before the course to the e-mail address you provided us with your last registration. Please also check your spam folder.

The venue can be different. Please always note our information on this. You will usually receive this 3 weeks before the course to the e-mail address you gave us when you last registered. Please also check your spam folder. If you have not received an email, please contact us at or on the day of the course at 0176 46545215.

Our online live seminars take place in Zoom. You will receive the access data and information in good time before the course. Please note that the identification code/password is case-sensitive and punctuated. In order for us to be able to assign you to our list of participants (and for you to receive your certificate of participation afterwards), please provide us with your full name. If several people participate via one computer, we need all names. You can either adjust your name accordingly in the meeting or inform us in the chat. Please turn off your microphone and turn on your camera.

When will I receive my certificate of attendance?

Do not worry, please show up for the course anyway. Invoicing and payment can also be made after the course if you are on short notice, for example.

Please dial the following number on course days: 0176-46545215.

According to our GTC, a cancellation free of charge is possible in writing up to 21 days before the start of the course. At a later date, you can provide a substitute participant or contact us in the context of a case-by-case decision/in the event of illness with a sick bill.

It is usually possible to catch up free of charge in the subsequent course, if this takes place. Please note that we do not provide a guarantee for this, as it is a goodwill service. We must inform you that the possibility of catching up on the practical parts depends on the total number of participants.

There is no discount from our side. However, you can contact your local dental association for support. Also read here for more information:

Your contact person in the area of further education:

Isabelle Dobbert

+49 30 414725-22

Area of advanced training

Yes, or stomatological nurse with corresponding professional experience. For advanced training as a DH, the ZMP or ZMF qualification recognized by the dental associations is a prerequisite.

ZMV: No (Berlin) or one (Brandenburg) professional year to start the upgrading training.
ZMP: One professional year to start advanced training.
DH: One professional year as a ZMP/ZMF to start the advanced training.
FZP: No professional years required.
Note: Registration can be done earlier. Work experience must be available at the beginning of the course. Please call us if you are unsure.

Please have your work experience confirmed by the dental practice.

Yes, in two installments. The first installment (50% of the course fees) is due 4 weeks before the course starts. The second installment (50% of the course fees) is due 4 weeks after the start of the course. Other individual installment payment is possible upon request with a small interest surcharge.

Yes, these help us to clarify with you whether the prerequisites for successful course participation are met.
For all advanced training courses, there is a written proficiency test. For the applicants of the advancedtraining to theDH there is an additional practical and oral aptitude test.
For the applicants of the FZP advanced seminar, an aptitude interview takes place, depending on the year of completion of the ZMV degree.

After receipt of the invoice, if possible before the start of the knowledge level test. As a rule, invoices are prepared and sent before the knowledge level test.

The examination fee is based on the applicable scale of fees of the relevant dental chamber. You can view these on the respective websites or enquire by telephone with the responsible chamber.

Yes. The Philipp Pfaff Institute fulfills all the requirements and certifications to enable funding through the Aufstiegs-BAföG. Funding via the Aufstiegs-BAföG was further improved in August 2016, in which both the max. The amount of funding and the share of the subsidy were increased. Currently, up to two thirds of the course fee can be granted as a subsidy through the Aufstiegs-BAföG. For more information, visit In addition, a talent grant can be applied for through the relevant dental association.

Your employer decides whether you can take time off. It is best to talk to your employer at an early stage so that you can plan together.

ZMV: Yes. A written and oral final examination for the advanced training as a dental hygienist.
ZMP: Ja. Eine schriftliche, mündliche und praktische Abschlussprüfung für die Aufstiegsfortbildung zum/r ZMP
DH: Yes. A written, oral and practical final examination for the advanced training as DH
FZP: Yes. A final written and oral examination for the advanced training to become an FZP.

Yes, all advanced training courses are designed to be part-time, so that you can continue to work in your practice at the same time.

Yes, after successful completion of the course and the examinations, you will receive a certificate and a diploma from the Berlin Dental Association or the Brandenburg Dental Association. This degree is recognized by all dental chambers nationwide without restriction.

Please send all applications to or by post to:
Aßmannshauser Str. 4-6, 14197 Berlin

Yes, the institute has been providing continuing dental education for over 25 years. Meanwhile, more than 3,200 ZMP, 1,900 ZMV, 200 FZP and 280 DH have been successfully graduated.

Yes, the Institute has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2011.

Contact advanced training:

+49 30 414725-18

Area X-ray

You will usually receive the course information about 2-3 weeks before the course to the email address you provided us with your last registration. Please also check your spam folder.

In 2023, the dates will take place in the Henry Ford Building (Garystr. 35, 14195 Berlin) or in the Rostlaube (Habelschwerdter Allee 45, 14195 Berlin). The exact venue will be communicated with the course information email.

If the course date that suits you is fully booked and you are therefore unable to update by the deadline, please contact your responsible dental association for advice regarding an extension of the deadline.

The legislator has stipulated that the update must take place every five years at the latest.

Exceeding the time limit by up to 1 year: Apply for an extension of the time limit at the responsible dental association (depending on the place of residence).
Exceeding more than 1 year: a basic course must be taken
Contact Berlin: ZÄK Berlin Ms. L. Schaefer 030 34808122 or e-mail:
Contact Brandenburg: State Office for Occupational Safety, Consumer Protection and Health, Mr. Hanisch Tel. 0331 8683-444

Contact information for basic course:
Berlin: LPS, Tel. 030 657631-01 or 02
Brandenburg: LAVG, Tel. 0331-86830 or also at the LPS Berlin

The Philipp Pfaff Institute is offering a seminar on this subject again this year: Basic course for the acquisition of expertise in radiation protection for dentists

You can reach us on the day of the course at 0151 52340172.

A script is not provided for the X-ray update course. Participants will be provided with writing utensils by the Institute for taking notes in the course.

Further information on the content of the Radiation Protection Ordinance can be found at

Do not worry, please show up for the course anyway. Invoicing and payment can also be made after the course if you are on short notice, for example.

We will try to send you – in the week following the course – your certificate of attendance by e-mail. This confirms that the test has been passed. Otherwise, we will contact you personally.

Your contact person for X-rays:

Angelika Wasenmüller

+49 30 414725-32