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Since February 2011, the Philipp Pfaff Institute has been certified according to ISO 9001 and thus has an undisputed pioneering role among the chamber-supported continuing education institutes in Germany in the introduction of a quality management system. The certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 provides comprehensive proof that the institute has introduced and maintains a quality management system for the scope “Planning and implementation of continuing education and training measures for dentists and their staff”. At the same time, the carrier approval according to AZAV (Accreditation and Approval Regulation for Employment Promotion) was granted.

The Philipp Pfaff Institute has grown continuously over the past years – in terms of the scope of the continuing education program, the focus on a “hands-on” and thus supervision-intensive course offering, and also in terms of the various locations and premises used by the Institute for the continuing education courses offered. Approximately 10 different dental curricula and structured continuing education courses are now offered each year. The advanced training courses for employees have been offered uninterruptedly for many years for ZMP, ZMV, DH, ZMF and since 2016 also for FZP.

This all led to an increase in the number of employees in order to ensure the preparations, logistics and support of the diverse range of products. The requirements for a quality-oriented management system thus became ever higher. One of the essential criteria is a convincing and lived customer orientation.

The Philipp Pfaff Institute has prepared thoroughly for this ISO certification. In 2010, internal processes were closely reviewed, optimized and structures were developed to minimize frictional losses, increase performance and improve internal and external communication.

With the result that after several audit days and intensive discussions with the managing director, the quality management representative (Ms. ZÄ Ilona Kronfeld-Möhring) as well as the employees of the institute, the auditors issued an unrestricted ISO certificate. On 25.02.2011 the ISO certification was official. Since then, the successful re-certification regularly shows that this QM system is not only on paper, but is lived.

The ISO certification not only has a positive effect on the quality of the continuing education courses, but also has a very important side effect for the participants of the part-time advanced training courses for prophylaxis assistant (ZMP), dental hygienist (DH), administrative assistant (ZMV), dental practice management specialist (FZP) and dental assistant ( ZMF), which are based at the Philipp Pfaff Institute. The funding of these upgrading courses according to the Upgrading Training Assistance Act (AFBG), the so-called “Aufstiegs-BAföG” (formerly: Meister-BAföG) requires the provider of the measure to apply a quality assurance system. This criterion is fully met with the ISO certification of the Philipp Pfaff Institute, so that all eligible course participants have the possibility to apply for “Aufstiegs-BAföG” for an upgrading training at the Philipp Pfaff Institute.

With the successful ISO certification, the Philipp Pfaff Institute continues to set itself apart from many other training institutions and gives participants the security of continuing their education at a high level while receiving intensive and professional support.

See for yourself. We will be happy to provide you with regular information about the training courses offered at the Philipp Pfaff Institute on the Internet at www.pfaff-berlin.de.