Advanced training specialist for dental practice management (FZP)

Suggested by many practice owners and frequently requested by staff!

What are the advantages of this advanced training?

Official and chamber-certified qualification: The FZP advanced training is officially recognized and certified by the Berlin Chamber of Dentists, making it a recognized and trusted professional qualification.

Multiple advancement opportunities: There are two paths to earning this credential, providing opportunities for both newcomers and dental assistants already in practice to advance their careers.

Financial support through Aufstiegs-BAföG: For the first path open to new entrants, it is possible to receive support through Aufstiegs-BAföG, which reduces the financial burden.

Broad range of tasks: The dental practice management specialist (FZP) has a wide range of tasks, including identifying and implementing quality-enhancing work processes, creating structures and optimizations, and leading teams. This helps to improve the practice in terms of both treatment results and economic success.

Career advancement in harmony with family and work: Course schedules are designed to be easily compatible with family and work commitments, making it easier to participate in advanced training.

Advanced Teaching Content: The advanced training offers exciting teaching content that goes beyond the dental administrative assistant (ZMV) qualification, such as reviewing quality management systems, promoting quality awareness in the practice team and organizing operational processes.

Training opportunities: After successful completion of the FZP advanced training, participants can obtainthe qualification as a trainer, which opens up additional career opportunities.

Recognition and certificate: Upon completion, participants receive a certificate and diploma, which underlines the recognition of their qualifications and skills in the industry.

Example calculation for the course fee

Example calculation for the course fee with funding via the Upgrading BAföG

The course and examination fees for the FZP seminar amount to €5,995. Ideally, a non-repayable grant of up to approx. 75 percent is possible via the new Upgrading BAföG! In this case, this corresponds to a total of € 2,996.75.

This results in a personal contribution for the participant of own contribution of € 1,498.75 (see example calculation opposite).

Source: BMBF (as of September 2022)

Sample calculation

5.995,00 €

– 2.997,50 €

(50 % subsidy share)

= 2.997,50 €

– 1.498,75 €

(50 % loan forgiveness if the examination is successful)

= 1.498,75 €



(Own contribution with funding in the best case)

Reports of former course participants

“After years as a ZFA, the FZP training was the ideal career step for me. Flexible course schedules and relevant course content helped me balance professional success and family life. Graduation brought not only a certificate, but a new sense of professional satisfaction.”


“As a ZMV, I was looking for professional expansion. The FZP training perfectly complemented my previous knowledge and promoted self-confidence. The degree was an important step in my career.”


“The FZP training allowed me to deepen my skills in quality management and team leadership. Graduation validated my hard work and furthered my contribution to practice success.”


Frequently asked questions

The FZP Advanced Training is an official and chamber-certified qualification that elevates dental practice management professionals to a higher level. It enables graduates to take on challenging tasks in practice management.

There are two ways to participate: either as a stand-alone advanced training with a dental assistant (ZFA) degree or as a build-up and supplement after successful completion to become a dental administrative assistant (ZMV).

Yes, for the first path (ZFA degree), funding is possible through the Aufstiegs-BAföG.

The exact duration may vary, but course schedules are designed to coordinate career advancement well with family and work.

FZP advanced training opens up a wide range of career opportunities in dental practice management, including leading teams and optimizing work processes.

Yes, it is possible to complete the FZP advanced training as a build-up and supplement after successful completion of the ZMV.

Course schedules are designed to work well with family and work commitments.

Advanced training includes topics such as quality management, team leadership, communication, business and administrative processes, error management and more.

Yes, there are exams at the end of the training. The exact details of the structure and procedure of the exams may vary depending on the institution.

The FZP advanced training is recognized and certified by the Berlin Chamber of Dentists. Upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate and a sealed diploma from the Berlin Chamber of Dentists in recognition of their qualification.